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GDPR breaches/IT security →
Concerns breaches of data protection laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. This includes in particular cases where a large number or particularly sensitive data are involved. Examples: 
  • the unlawful disclosure of trade and business secrets
  • the misuse of data
  • inadequate access protection to sensitive data
Discrimination/Harassment →
This includes violations of human rights, the general principle of equal treatment and all types of bullying, unequal treatment and harassment.
Human Resources →
Concerns violations of applicable labour law regulations, e.g.
  • Working Hours Act
  • Federal Holiday Act
Financial facts →
This category includes, among others, violations of the Money Laundering Act as well as violations of applicable accounting regulations or the principles of proper accounting.
Bribery/Corruption/Fraud →
Corruption is the abuse of a responsibility, function, authority or position in order to gain an advantage or to harm someone. Fraud includes all property offences to the detriment of the company. Examples are:
  • Bribery through money, benefits in kind or similar.
  • Theft or embezzlement of company property
Health/Safety/Environment →
Health and safety includes all facts that can lead to people being endangered or suffering damage to their health. Environmental protection includes any environmental offences and environmental damage, e.g.:
  • Illegal waste disposal
  • Improper handling of pollutants
Management-Feedback →
This refers in particular to incidents in connection with the management of the company.
Market Abuse/Competition Law →
This includes infringements that counteract the securing and maintenance of effective competition on the market. An anti-competitive situation exists, for example, in the case of collusion or an exchange of competition-relevant information between companies and their competitors.
Others →
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